Thursday, 12 September 2013

STEM System Make Virtual into reality
STEM System Make Virtual into reality | The STEM System is a wireless, motion tracking modular control system developed by Sixense. It will allow your PC, Mac and Linux games to track the player's position with up to five points on the body.

While statement Earlier versions of this Motion Controllers system are On available for the Razer Hydra controller, it's the first time the system is wireless,reffer to the Kickstarter page. The goal of the Kickstarter is to get the wireless STEM System into developers' hands So They can create games for it.

The STEM System Consists of several parts: STEM units That Fit into the controller or pack, STEM based That Manages all pieces, STEM controller featuring an analog joystick, buttons and bumpers and a STEM Pack That attaches to the player's legs, head or torso. That means the STEM Could track all of the player's limbs as well as his or her head and body while playing a game. To see how This Could look, check out this indie prototype in Which the creator strapped half of a Razer Hydra to his chest to simulate ducking behind cover while taking fire.

The STEM system is naturally fit for the Oculus Rift, the still-in-development virtual reality headset Kickstarter That harnessed Also last year to spur developer interest. There are On several interesting projects in the works using the Rift, treats including a space combat game by EVE Online developer CCP Games.

The Kickstarter campaign passed $ 150,000 Already Within the first couple hours of launch, 60% of the project's $ 250,000 go
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