Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Adidas Smart Watch For Active People | Day after the announcement of Nike, Adidas today to share about the new device from them, a smart watch with a focus on those who are often running and is expected to be available from 1 November at a price of $ 399 (~ RM1265).
Adidas Smart Watch For Active People

Through smart watches from Adidas, it lets users know the location of the run (through GPS integration), running speed and heart rate. The device is also said to be comes with inbuilt storage space, allowing users to store songs and listen through Bluetooth headphones.

At the same time, some training is also said to be offered through it, allowing them to train themselves depending on their heart rate.

Contrary to some smart watches in the market, it does not require any smart phone to be connected before they can work. Rather, these watches focus on runners and athletes, while also appropriate for some other users.


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