Tuesday, 15 October 2013

How to Save  WebP to PNG in Google Chrome? | Google has already started to implement the use WebP image format on several web services, including turn it on Chrome web browser. However, as all know, has not support a variety of software for the moment.

How to Save  WebP to PNG in Google Chrome?
For example, when you log on to Google Play using Google Chrome, all images are displayed using WebP format, and may be a bit difficult if you want to save the image for use on a later time.

To facilitate this, one of the extensions is the "Save Image As PNG" for Google Chrome. It is not known how the technology behind it works, but from what he perceived to be saved image in PNG format with easy to use.

Apart from the use of this thing, another another way to keep the files in their native formats is to use a web browser other than Google Chrome, or change the User Agent to Chrome so that it relates to the web server as a different web browser.

Save Image As PNG untuk Chrome


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