Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Nokia "Normandy" -Android-Based From Nokia? | Nokia has previously said that they are testing the device based on the Android operating system. Now, a picture leak on the web arena, exposing the device is known by the code name "Normandy".

Nokia "Normandy" -Android-Based From Nokia?

From what was reported, Nokia's "Normandy" will run the Android operating system that was modified (much like Amazon that use Android on the Kindle Fire).

My Nokia "Normandy" which tertiris to this web arena show of the devices with their iconic designs, while also included a capacitive buttons on the front.

It said Nokia "Normandy" is designed as a device to focus the basic specifications of developing countries - much like Asha. Like other Android devices, it can also run multiple applications through Android.

Nokia "Normandy" is said to be targeted for launch later in 2014. However, the acquisitions by Microsoft, it is uncertain whether this will be realized or not.


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